Faculty and Staff

Dr. Charles Monroe, SBTSU Chancellor
“Chuck” is a distinguish World War II Purple Heart Veteran. He served in U.S. Navy, Torpedo Squadron 8, Battle of Midway, Guadalcanal campaign.An Exemplary record in the Kingdom of God as a Pastor & Educator. He served as Dean of Students to the Assemblies of God “Southern California College” (now Vanguard), was Chancellor at Christ for the Nations. Then Dean of Morris Cerullo School of Evangelism, and is presently Chancellor of School of Bible Theology in Riverside, California.
Doctor Monroe holds a B.A. Southern California College (Assemblies of God) M.A. Chapman College
Doctor of Education, Major in Judaeo-Christian Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Th.D. Bethel Christian College & Graduate School of Theology

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Dr. Stephen T. Anderson, SBTSU President

“Dr. Steve” Raised in Southern California. A Pentecostal faith filled educator and preacher of the Gospel. Celebrating 40 years of ministry, which began October 20, 1979. Married in 1980, to Christian singer, Deborah Kelley of Skyline Wesleyan, in San Diego, CA, and they both began itinerate and pastoral ministry together. They have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.

Dr. Steve has earned Associate through Doctorate degrees from School of Bible Theology Seminary and University, founded by his late parents, Drs. R.E. and Laura Anderson (both pioneers in Pentecostal ministry for 73 years). He has worked in many different denominations and ministries, by all available means including TV, Radio, Publications, Pastoring, Evangelism and in Christian education, imparting and training men and women of God around the world, glorifying the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Dr Steve was elected president of the Transworld Accrediting Commission International in December 2004, and continues to serve in that position.

Transworld President
Cheryl Anderson-Sanchez, Registrar
Cheryl has been by her parents (Drs R.E. & Laura Anderson) side since 1974 in helping pioneer SBTSU.

Please Direct All Inquiries and Enrollments to:
School of Bible Theology Seminary & University
Cheryl Anderson-Sanchez, Registrar
Email – Office@SBTSU.org

SBTSU has a host of other professors (not pictured) that volunteer their teaching to SBTSU, therefore keeping our costs minimal.
Dr. Gaetano Sicilia, D.Min.Has earned degrees from York University in Toronto, Canada and School of Bible Theology Seminary in San Jacinto, California, USA.Dr. Gaetano Sicilia was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On December 02, 1981, he attended a prayer group meeting where he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord over his life. He served as church administrator for thirteen years and then became the associate pastor of the same church.In January 1995 the work was continued as BIBLE FAITH CHURCH with Rev. Gaetano Sicilia as the senior Pastor. With its motto of “A GROWING CHURCH WITH YOU IN MIND” the ministry continues to reach out to the community and strives to develop the gifts and talents of those that attend.
Dr. Jack Lankhorst, D.Min.With over 34 years of fulltime ministry, Dr. Jack holds an earned Doctor of Ministry from School of Bible Theology Seminary & University, San Jacinto, California. Senior Pastor of Christian Life Center in Riverside, California. (Also known as the Arlington Foursquare Church.) This veteran man of God is the Founder of Restoration, unique outreach ministry to the Native Americans and peoples of the world. A highly effective humanitarian and minister of the Gospel, Dr. Jack travels the world with his wife Pastor Jane. He is also a Divisional Superintendent in the Southwest District of the International Foursquare Church organization.
Dr. Kenneth Seale Instructor of `Comparative Religions’ with a focus on Contemporary Religions. His research and teaching in SBTSU seminars reflect an in depth and thorough investigation of a cult’s own writings and practices, in comparison with the Scriptures. seale 2
Dr. Deborah Anderson, D.Min, B.Ce., SBTSU Executive Secretary – Dr. Deborah holds an earned Doctor of Ministry from SBTSU, Bachelor of Christian Education degree, with a Major in Christian Music from the River University-River Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida.Vice President of Faith Tabernacle Ministries, Inc. Has Served as production assistant at SBTSU since 1981. Acclaimed award winning praise & worship leader, Debbie began her ministry singing in 1979. Married to SBTSU President, Dr. Stephen Anderson. Transworld Executive Secretary
DR. Dudley Bent, D.Th. Major in CounselingBishop, Pentecostal Church of God, Canada
Doctor of Theology – School of Bible Theology Seminary
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One of God’s Generals that lived a heritage of victory in faith and full gospel ministry. Dr. Richard E. Anderson was an Ordained minister (in 1941) and a theological professor with over 73 years of full time ministerial experience. He was the senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church in San Jacinto, CA for over 49 years. He specializes in educating ministers and lay leaders involved in the ministry through SBTSU; and was a valiant defender of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Pentecostal distinctives. Dr. Anderson held a Bachelor, a Masters and an earned Doctoral degree in Theology which were conferred on or about 1943-49. He was a Chaplain with honorary status as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.He passed away October 11, 2012.

Over 70 years of full time Pentecostal ministry experience! Dr. Birdie “Laura” Anderson, Saved in July of 1934, filled with the Holy Spirit Baptism in July 1936 and at age 18, entered the ministry, licensed by the Pentecostal Church of God in 1938 in Los Angeles, California. She married Dr. Richard E. Anderson on November 24, 1943. Dr. Laura Anderson held a Doctor of Ministry degree. She passed away Sunday evening, February 8, 2009.
SBTSU has a host of other professors (not pictured) that volunteer their teaching to SBTSU, therefore keeping our costs minimal.