Degree Programs and Information

Degree Courses

Associate of Theology ($1,600 USD)
Bachelor of Theology ($2,000 USD)
Bachelor of Christian Education ($2,000 USD)
Bachelor of Christian Counseling ($2,000 USD)
Master of Theology ($2,500 USD)
Master of Christian Education ($2,500 USD)
Master of Christian Counseling ($2,500 USD)
Doctor of Theology ($3,500 USD)
Doctor of Ministry ($3,000 USD)
Doctor of Divinity (Honorary) (($3,000 USD))

Student Standards

All students enrolling in School of Bible Theology Seminary & University are required to subscribe to, and practice, a lifestyle in keeping with the moral and spiritual standards generally accepted by the traditional Full Gospel Community. No person will be refused enrollment with SBTSU on the basis of sex, race or ethnic background.

School of Bible Theology Seminary & University reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason or condition incompatible with the standards, principles or purposes of the school (or if the study should be deemed impractical for the applicant). If, for any reason, admission to SBTSU is denied, any/all monies sent to SBTSU by the applicant will be refunded in full.

Student Admission

  1. A high school diploma, G.E.D. or demonstrated equivalency is a prerequisite to SBTSU enrollment.
  2. All SBTSU degrees must be earned in sequential order. For example, to study for a Master Degree, the student must hold a Bachelor Degree (or evidence of that level of education) from SBTSU, or another school with a program commensurate with that of SBTSU level of studies.
  3. An SBTSU enrollment application form must be completed and submitted to the SBTSU Registrar, along with any transcripts, documented studies, work-related experience, writings, or independent studies which need evaluation for credit.
  4. A check or money order in the appropriate amount must be enclosed with your enrollment/application.

Grading System/Requirements

SBTSU subjects are represented by the credit/unit instead of the traditional credit/hour. One unit of subject materials, satisfactorily completed, will merit one credit (1 C/U). Whereas the traditional credit hour is earned principally by the time spent in a classroom, upon a given subject, the SBTSU credit/unit represents a measure of work satisfactorily completed, upon a subject, and demonstrated by competency and performance.

The dedicated student, of consistent personal discipline and good comprehension, can significantly shorten the time needed for the completion of courses. SBTSU nontraditional methods allow for the completion of a course in less than one-third the time required by traditional methods.

  1. School of Bible Theology Seminary & University GRADING WILL BE INDICATED from 1.0 to 4.0. Grades below a 1.0 will not be recorded. Grades which merit above/beyond 4.0 will be reflected by special citation or commendation.
  2. Minimum Grades and Grade Points Required In SBTSU Courses:
    • ASSOCIATE DEGREE: 2.0 60 C/U
    • BACHELOR DEGREE: 2.5 120 C/U
    • MASTER DEGREE: 3.0 150 C/U

Student Appeals

Students may file an appeal with the Registrar should they receive a grade which they feel warrants review, or is below what they have earned. Any valid claim will be given due consideration, and if warranted, the grade will be adjusted accordingly. All other appeals are to follow a similar procedure.

Transcripts and Records

Transcripts are available upon the submission of a request in writing from an SBTSU graduate. They will be sent directly to the graduate or to anyone designated. Each additional transcript requested will require an assessed fee.

Withdrawals or suspensions will go into a special category file. All withdrawn or suspended students will have a grace period of one year to reestablish their student status and continue their studies. Their records will be sent to them upon the receipt of a written request to the Registrar. If no contact is made after one year, all such records may be deleted. Withdrawals with the approval of SBTSU are honorable, but conditional with regard to any previous arrangements. The students are the foremost concern of the entire staff at SBTSU. Our commitment is to see all the students successfully graduate and reach their God-inspired goals. We will still be pulling for them after the tassel is moved!

Finance Terms and Refund Policy

  1. SBTSU provides a student cost/agreement form with all current charges listed. The Registrar will gladly supply one to you upon request.
  2. A discount is available to students who pay their tuition in full at the time of enrollment.
  3. Terms are available as explained on the cost/agreement forms. When accepted and signed, the terms/form becomes a promissory note. Students will be required to make their payments regularly, according to the agreement with SBTSU, and thereby avoid needless stress, either to themselves or to the school. Should a student become delinquent with payments for a three-month period, without having made satisfactory arrangements with SBTSU, such will be subject to suspension without refund of any monies previously paid to SBTSU. Should said student apply for reinstatement, after such a regrettable circumstance, an assessment of fifty dollars ($50.) will be made unless waived by SBTSU. At the time of reinstatement, the payment of any financial balance owed to SBTSU will be required in full.
  4. All suspended students must apply for reinstatement within one year, otherwise their files will be removed. At this point a complete re-enrollment will be required.
  5. Students who withdraw within 30 days from the time they submit their application, will receive a complete refund of monies they have paid to SBTSU, minus fifty dollars ($50.00 file fee). Any student who withdraws after 30 days, but before 60 days, minus one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00). No refunds will be made after 60 days; however, the unpaid tuition balance will be waived. Please note: Once course materials have been received by the student no refund shall be paid. This is to protect the proprietary materials of SBTSU from misuse.
  6. Because a charge is levied against School of Bible Theology Seminary & University for any deposited check which is returned unpaid, a twenty dollar ($20.00) charge will therefore be added to the amount of the returned check. The total amount of the returned check, plus the additional twenty dollar ($20.) charge, must be paid by the student immediately upon notification.
  7. Any error made by SBTSU in billing will be reviewed and corrected upon notification.
  8. Unpaid balances must be satisfied prior to the release of grades, transcripts or degrees.
  9. SBTSU accepts no tuition or other finance from any agency of the State or Federal Government for any purpose whatever.
  10. SBTSU generates its own support by its low tuition and freewill offerings, etc.

*NOTE: Textbooks are not included in the costs of the SBTSU courses. They must be purchased by each student. SBTSU will gladly assist any student who needs help in locating a particular textbook.

Faculty Qualifications

The graduate degree is the most commonly used instrument in the evaluation of faculty qualifications at SBTSU, as well as in most other seminaries, colleges and universities.

  1. The academic standard for all SBTSU instructors is that they hold a Master Degree in a field commensurate with the subject matter they propose to teach; or, have three years of study above the level of that which is to be taught. Example: A teacher with a Bachelor Degree may not teach courses beyond the freshman level.
  2. Those teaching graduate school to the level of the Masters class should hold no less than a Master Degree with a minimum of six years teaching experience. The Doctoral Degree is to be preferred in all situations such as this.
  3. Those who instruct in Doctoral classes should hold the minimum of a Doctorate in their chosen fields of teaching. In addition to this degree, they should have a minimum of five years teaching experience.
  4. SBTSU, as do many others, provides for faculty members to teach classes and subjects wherein their knowledge and professional performance in communication indicates their competence in a given field beyond, or exceeding, their formal degree status. The instructor is given due consideration for work-related experience and/or expertise acquired outside the formal classroom and seminary community, which can be verified and certified by other professors as equivalent to academic and teaching requirements.
  5. Only those instructors holding an earned Doctoral Degree, with 10 years or more teaching experience on the graduate level, shall be classified as `Professors’ in the fields of their teaching expertise.
  6. All faculty members, aside from other qualifications, should be competent to teach their course material, and to present it in a creative and interesting manner so as to insure the student an adequate and meaningful learning experience.
  7. Faculty members should merit, and demand, respect from their students. They should maintain a level of order and decorum, or other communication, in their classrooms, which will inspire all students to feel they are being instructed by honorable friends and dedicated servants of Jesus Christ.
  8. All of the above is required to be an SBTSU Mentor or Proctor.