History of the Seminary

SCHOOL OF BIBLE THEOLOGY, SBT, was founded by Drs. Richard E. and Laura Anderson in 1974. It continues from the same location, 495-97 West 7th Street in San Jacinto, California (located in the hub of Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego) Our name has evolved with time as we have expanded: (SBTS) School of Bible Theology Seminary (1990); (SBTSU) School of Bible Theology Seminary & University) (2004).

The purposes of SBTSU are in keeping with the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ: Teaching undergraduate/graduate degree levels of Bible based principles, doctrines, theologies with a Pentecostal, Full Gospel distinction.

The aim of SBTSU is to train students in ministry; to instruct them in all related fields of training; to stimulate intensified inquiry and research; to hone to a razor edge their performance; to inspire them with a greater spiritual and intellectual perception of the sacred honor which God has bestowed by entrusting them with their individual call. SBTSU presently offers its services to all individuals and organizations of like precious FAITH.

Our SBTSU founders have gone on to their reward in Heaven. Dr. Laura in 2009, and Dr. R.E. in 2012. Their son, Dr. Stephen T. Anderson is now the SBTSU President.

SBTSU is owned by School of Bible Theology, Incorporated, chartered and operated by Faith Tabernacle Ministries, Inc. of San Jacinto, California, U.S.A. It is a Theological Seminary maintaining public religious education, granting both undergraduate and graduate degrees in harmony with the purposes, doctrines, and principles of the denomination, with all the rights, privileges, and authority pertaining to this religious body.