SBTSU Principles of Faith and Course Philosophy

SBTSU Believes:

Sbtsu Course Philosophy

School of Bible Theology Seminary and University study programs are planned to bring the student to a broad based understanding of each subject, or field of study, and to suggest ways and means to extend knowledge of that subject, through inquiry and research. The goal is to stimulate spiritual and intellectual growth by inspiring continuing cycles of lifelong learning.

Course Content

Course content is ideologically designed to teach the Bible, its principles, doctrines, theologies, backgrounds, and those Christian dynamics and methods related to the ministry, church administration and extended lay ministries.

The Courses are not planned merely to inform students of static facts, but to equip them to meet today’s challenges for God’s Church and the world. Emphasis is therefore placed upon the active and the practical, as well as scriptural, orthodoxy.

Core Subjects

Core subjects constitute the unchangeable truths and essential positions in spiritual and moral values that form the basic principles and doctrines of the Bible. These will always be required. All other subjects derive their importance from the core and reflect practical dynamics, as well as related fields of inquiry.


Certain elective subjects may be substituted in the Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology courses to provide the student with a major in Counseling, Missiology or Evangelism.