Dennell Latrice Winston

Location: Temecula, California

Doctor of Divinity - June 5, 2020


Dennell Letrice Winston is the Founder of International Refuge Ministries. 

– Born in Sept 1976, she has been in full time ministry since her late teens. She is reaching her 25th ministry anniversary this year. 

– She is mother, minister, teacher, conference speaker and also has established a firm foundation in Real Estate which she uses to fund the vision God has set before her . 

– She has done countless missionary trip all throughout Mexico and has set her hands to feeding the poor since the late 1990s.

– Ordained and graduate of El Nuevo Renacer, Canada. Has ministered in their churches in USA  and South America. Also established the children’s ministry, prayer and deliverance ministry in those churches.  

– Founded “Tea with Me” a Women’s Ministry which sponsors a weekly bible study series and host free Women’s Conferences to pour into the lives of women from all walks of life. Over 250 women are a part of this.

– Is starting to write a series of books to help women over come the strong holds of depression, oppression  and low self esteem. 

– She has traveled numerous times to Mexico and recently traveled to Honduras for a healing crusade of over 5000 people spreading the gospel and bring healing and deliverance through the miracle working power of Christ Jesus. 

– She is currently an active participant of Amplified Discipleship headed by Dr James Tan.